Things that the Labour government have done which uphold socialist values Things that the Labour government have done which go against socialist values
  • They have signed the social chapter of the Maastricht treaty. (Guardian 5th May 1997)
  • They have held referendums on devolution for both Scotland and Wales.
  • They are proposing to impose £1,000 annual fees on students despite saying that education was their highest priority. (Guardian 24 th July 1997)
  • They are withdrawing extra parliamentary time from the private member's bill to ban fox hunting despite saying previously that the bill would have their support. (Guardian 4th November 1997)
  • They have sold fighter jets to Indonesia despite saying that they intended to have an ethical foreign policy. (Guardian 4th November 1997)
  • They are planning to go ahead with the Birmingham relief road, despite saying in opposition that it would never be build under Labour. (Guardian 11th July 1997)
  • They have fought against gays dismissed from the forces appealing at the European Court of Rights, despite saying that they were against this discrimination. (Guardian 15th July 1997)
  • They have said that a ban on animal testing for drugs and cosmetics would be 'impractical', despite saying before the election that they intended to ban it. (Guardian 15th July 1997)
  • They have said that Formula One racing will be exempt from their planned ban on tobacco advertising and sponsorship despite previously promising that the ban would be across the board.
    (Guardian 6th November 1997)
  • They have said that the rules for cold weather payments for old age pensioners will not be changed despite campaigning strongly against the current system last winter.
  • Obviously there's all the massive disappointment over cutting benefit payments to single parents.
  • ...and now they're thinking about doing the same to the disabled.
  • They're thinking of selling off London Transport (but only the tracks so that 'technically' they're keeping their manifesto promises!)

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