Update [30 Nov 1999]

The observant amongst you will notice that this site is no longer up to date. I'm sorry to have to admit that I've just not had the time that I would have to dedicate to keeping track of all of Labour's misdemeanours.

In particular I would have liked to write a lot about the London Mayoral nominations and how Tony Blair was desparate to keep Ken Livingstone from being nominated and how Frank Dobson got some very suspicious access to the London Labour Party membership records.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to do justice to this project any more and therefore it is very unlikely that you will see any updates to this site.

There is one last hope. In the best traditions of Internet and Socialist co-operation, I'd be happy to let someone else take the site over and give them as much help as I can whilst they get up to speed. If you're interested in running this site, then please contact me at

Thanks for your interest and support over the last two years.


As I write it's now six months since the Labour party swept into power with one of the clearest mandates in British political history.

It was a tremendous result and a very emotionally uplifting night for the millions of socialists in Britain who had suffered eighteen years of repressive Conservative rule.

Not only did the Labour Party win an outright majority but they won one so large that they are unlikely to have difficulty passing any bills they want. I realise that 'New' Labour does not like to think about itself as a socialist party, but I expected a number of basic human values to be put into law.

I was wrong.

Since May 1st the new Labour government has tried its hardest to be completely indistinguishable from the previous Conservative one.

This is what LabourWatch is about. It is an attempt by one 'old' Labour supporter to keep a tally on the ways that the 'new' Labour goverment is being a disappointment.

The two lists below speak for themselves. If anyone has any more pros of cons to add to the lists, or any details to add to ones that already exist please pass them on.

For balance you might like to look at the Labour Party web site where you can try to find explanations for this behavior, but you might be a lot better off looking at LabourNet.

At this point of the page there used to be two lists headed 'Things that the Labour government have done which uphold socialist values' and 'Things that the Labour government have done which go against socialist values'. I've had to split them off onto a separate page because one of them was geting a bit too long (guess which one!) I've also added a page with a list of more general problems with the political process in the UK that the Tories introduced to the UK and the the Labour goverment have done nothing to combat (thanks to Geoff Wexler for giving me the idea for this).

A couple of other things I've added are the text of a letter that I recently sent to John Prescott in response to another Labour Party begging letter and the text of the real Clause 4 for the nostalgic of heart.

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